Kelley Raetzcsh, RD

Have you ever felt like you had to do everything perfectly?

That you must have your best face on your best foot forward, you know “have it all together?”  Me too! When I was really new to being a dietitian I was consumed with prescribing the perfect diet to help people lose weight.  One evening at our company awards ceremony, I had an eye opening experience.  I went to the dessert table, chose two different types of cheesecake and casually headed back to my table.  As I walked by some of my colleagues, they said to me “oh my gosh!  Kelley, you are our dietitian, you are going to eat THAT?!”

I immediately felt judged

And maybe like I should go put it back, but you know what?  I really like sweets, so I replied with a smile and “yes, I am and I hope you can enjoy some, too.”   That was the beginning of my attempts to ditch diets.  They really don’t work! So, I began exploring this world called “mindful eating” or “intuitive eating”.  I went on to become a licensee to facilitate the 8-week program “Am I Hungry?” and I am currently working through the credentialing to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor  and to obtain the status of Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian.

Really, it is about you

Taking charge of YOUR health, YOUR food choices, YOUR exercise choices.  You drop the rules of eat this not that and tune into your body, how it feels, it’s own hunger and fullness rhythms, it’s own desire for fun movement.  You begin to respect your body for what it can do for you which turns into you taking better care of you.  Then, you realize that you don’t have to focus on weight loss, but focus on health.  When you do this, you really make lasting behavior change, you feel great, not deprived, you choose foods you really enjoy and you are able to cope with life stressors in a more healthy way.