The GREAT Elimination

As the holiday season approaches, many are once again trying to figure out how to shed a few pounds or simply not gain any weight. This year I would like to offer a NEW twist on the Elimination Diet to help YOU enjoy your holidays confidently and peacefully! Are you ready to start your elimination? Follow these steps and your holiday season will be the best yet!

no-dietsEliminate: Food Rules

What are they? Food rules are self-imposed boundaries around food or rules the most current diet is telling you to follow.  They may be as simple as “don’t eat past 7pm” or “you can eat a piece of chocolate if you exercise 30 minutes”.  Basically, the rules tell you what you can or can not eat, when you can or can not eat and how much exercise to punish yourself with to offset your food intake.

What’s the problem with them? Do you really enjoy having someone else telling YOU what to do every day? Our bodies were designed to be intuitive to our hunger rhythms. Food rules can disconnect us from our hunger cues, the fuel gauge for our eating intake. What happens when you break a rule?  When breaking food rules, we often find ourselves disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, “wishing” we could just be thin or sitting with the “screw it” mentality. This last one leads to overeating because “I already messed up, so I might as well go for it.”  Then, the door is open for guilt, self-loathing, panic and body hatred.  Who wants to live with that?!

Replace it!: Instead of limiting yourself to rules, consider giving yourself permission to eat!  You CAN tune into your body’s signals for hunger and fullness.  You CAN choose foods that are nourishing and tasty! Consider this simple question “Am I hungry?”.

Eliminate: The Scale

What is it? This is usually a square object, often strategically place in one’s bathroom.  It offers hope, encouragement and motivation when it displays a lower number each time it is used.  It also measures the gravitational pull on one’s body when stepping on it.

Whats the problem with it? Well, when not providing a FALSE hope or sense of accomplishment, it is provoking discontent, confusion, frustration.  It can leave a person feeling disgust towards their body, turning to food elimination/restriction in effort to shed unwanted pounds.  It determines how a person may feel based on the number it boldly shouts in the morning.  Really, do you really want this inanimate object to be what brings JOY or DISAPPOINTMENT to your day?

Replace it!: Ha, I don’t mean go buy a new one!  Instead, maybe you could actually throw it out!  With a little nutrition knowledge and a mindset focused on health instead of weight, you can begin to move towards a “normal” food relationship!  Eventually, if your body has weight to release, it will do so naturally!

Eliminate: Comparison

What is it? Comparison is this seemingly innocent act that occurs when you look at someone else’s situation, blessings, food they eat, body they have, etc.  It is often used to see how good or bad we are doing with something.

Whats the problem with it?  I have heard it put quite simply and needs no more explanation than this: “comparison is the thief of joy.” Think about that for a minute.  What has comparison stolen from you?  ‘Tis the season for giving NOT stealing!!

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