Joyful Movement

What comes to mind when you hear “exercise?”Maybe you experience dread, thoughts of punishing yourself for what you have eaten (the sneaky way of this is “I just need to do this exercise for this many minutes) or maybe you say something like “what is exercise?!”

Let’s start with changing the words a bit. How does “physical activity” sound to you? Think back to when you were a kid or maybe you know some kids now.  Do they go exercise or do they just move? How would you feel if your movement was for:

  • Fun
  • Learning
  • Exploring
  • Seeing new things
  • Getting connected with your body
  • Being more in tune with the beauty of nature
  • Increasing social activity

With an outlook like this, you free your mind to be filled with positive images, words, and thoughts.  You sweep out the old, obsessive diet-like thinking and make room for LIFE! Ready to get started?