Eating Disorders

It’s not about the food. Eating disorders are complex. They don’t just appear, one does not just CHOOSE to have an eating disorder.  They are brought to the surface given the right ingredients for…

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Programs & Services

Would commitment to your health journey improve if you could avoid the traveling? We are now offering tele-health services for certain packages. Contact us to see if this is a good option for you!…

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Your Nutrition Coach

Is this you?

**You have spent countless hours, days, maybe even years trying to “fix” your body.

**You have invested in diet books & programs, maybe even pills for weight loss.

**You have listened to the latest food fads ushered in to popularity by celebrity doctors, magazines, you name it.

**You have sought out clothing to hide your so-called “flaws”, considered drastic measures to get the perfect body, maybe even found yourself in the dark pit of an eating disorder.

**You have grown a terrible dislike of your own body and exercise until it hurts (or avoid it all together) because you hate your body.

                   Hi. I’m Kelley.

     I get it and I’m here to help you break free.

As a young girl and teenager, I never fit the bill for beauty.  I simply did not measure up to other girls as I awkwardly tried to fit in with the right “look”-hair, nails, clothes.  Well, that just did not work for me and I did not really feel like I fit in with the pretty girls.  So, I found my identity and confidence in other ways: sports, academics and band.  In my little school and town, I became the best at most of the things I set my mind to accomplish. That is who I became: MVP, Valedictorian, Lead chair in band and the drum major.  I was fulfilled, at least it appeared that way outwardly.  I still had a gaping hole inside of me.  I was ridiculing my strong body, though I LOVED pushing heavy weight; I would wish away my curly hair and hope to wake up with thighs that did not touch.  Meanwhile, I would absorb the hurtful comments about my hairstyle, my quirky personality, the way I would walk or run and so on.  


I didn’t know it then, but I am certain this was one part of the equation that lead me to eat large quantities of comfort food: fig newtons, fudge rounds, just about anything soft, chewy and sweet. 

Fast forward into the college years and bring on some major insecurities about being beautiful enough and having the right body.  Then, hit the gym to get the lean sculpted (and tan) look promised to me by the magazine I faithfully purchased every month.  Oh, let’s not leave out the awesome nutrition education I was gaining to make sure I was eating right to keep my weight off!

Now, a mother of three beauties, my body shape, size and fitness level are not at all what they once were.  


BUT, I have something now I didn’t have before.  Something that really makes me who I am and confident no matter where I go.  Something that pushes me to fight for women like you…His name is Jesus.